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Hal's Open Mic & Showcase Guide is read and used by the very people that you want to reach. They are regular patrons and customers of venues such as performing musicians or aspiring musicians; their friends, fans and relatives who are loyal to those they see as offering a helping hand. But here's the really great part - Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters is an online resource; our audience is international, and Los Angeles is the world's largest music hub. Performers from all over the globe come to L.A. looking for a place to play their music and guess where they look first? You guessed it - Hal Cohen's Open Mic and Showcase Guide!
So put your logo next to your listing! You can even link it to your club's website for a year, for about what you'd pay for a tiny little ad in L.A. Weekly for a week. But this is not just an ad, it is your way of supporting the music scene that you are a part of as a well as the artists themselves. Please look over the rates below and choose your preference.

Here are the rates:

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 Logo & Link


 $ 80.00



 Text Link

 10 dollars





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NOTE: All supporters automatically eligible to participate in the upcoming Li'l Hank Treasure Hunt - designed to increase your business. Details to follow.

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