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You've Wrriten a Song, So Now What?
This new audio book from Aaron Meza, the West Coast director of the Songwriters Guild of America may be just the edge you've been waiting for. . Topics include:
- Intellectual property
- Copyright registration
- Writing with a friend
- Recording a Demo
-Pitching to music publishers
- Royalties
- Marketplace
- Resources
... and more!

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Tim Sweeney Books and tapes

Tim Sweeney is one of the formost authorities on marketing your music online as well as in the real world. If you do not own any of his books yet, you OWE it to yourself to read some of his excerpts and see for yourself why his latest book, The Complete Guide to Internet Promotion for Musicians, Artists, & Songwriters is in such demand.

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Welcome to the Li'l Hank's Guide page of sponsors and affilliates. I have provided a brief description of each company link found on this page. This is our only source of support for this site, so when you leave here, please check out at least one of our sponsors. Every one of them provides something useful and relevant to musicians and songewriters in keeping with the integrity of the site's mission.

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The Musician's PlaceTo Shop!

Musician's Friend offers the largest selection of brand name guitars, keyboards, recording gear and P.A systems. There are also guest columns and new articles every week!

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Still my favorite way to order books. Great for hard to find items and their prices are exceptional. Always a good deal at Amazon.com!



In addition to it's vast selection of CDs and Videos, CDNow offers music news, reviews and concert information that's always current.

2001 USA Songwriting Competition

ASN has been a longtime supporter of Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters and vice-versa. We are proud to present this years competition. Sponsors include: Guild, D'Addario, Mackie, Audio-Technica, and others to make this one of the best competitions in the world.