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Just Plain Folks - An ever growing group of Songwriters, Recording Artists, Music Publishers, Record Labels, Performing Arts Societies, Educational Institutions, Recording Studios and Engineers, Producers, Legal Professionals, Publicists and Journalists, Publications, Music Manufacturers and Retailers and about every other type of member of the Music Industry. This is one of those movements that takes the country by storm every few decades or so - and it's free to join. The ball is in your court. Find out all about JPF by visiting their website ASAP!

Goodnight Kiss Music From one of the best independent music publishers in the marketplace comes an honest to goodness helpful website. She presents soe of the best writing about the business of songwriting on the web and her newsletter is something every serious songwriter should subscribe to. From occasional tips for songwriters looking to pitch songs and contests that are well worth entering to insightful articles about MP3s and the downloading music for free, this website is a "put in your Favorites" spot in C-space. - Not his real name - Moses Avalon is the renowned author of the book Confessions of a Record Producer. On his site and through his email list you will get a peek into a side of the music business you almost wish you weren't quite so privy to. On the other hand - in responce to all the emails I get asking about how to spot scams and how to avoid being ripped off, I can now simply say - ask Moses Avalon. - Bret Perkins was a former west coast director of National Academy of Songwriters (remember them?). Not one to rest on his laurels after leaving his prestigious post, Brett is now involved in a series of musical events that are of global proportions. A fine songwriter/performer in his own right, Brett shines when it comes to presenting new performers to appreciative audiences world wide through The Listening Room Concert Series.

Performing Rights Organizations

ASCAP Home of The American Society of Composers and Publishers famous performing rights organization. Find out what they are doing to (and how you can help) protect the rights of songwriters. Learn about ongoing ASCAP-sponsored events.


BMI is the other major performing rights society. Check out who's who and what's what at their website and then decide which of these organizations could best assist you in your quest for a grammy.

SESAC In their own words: "If the phrase 'quality vs. quantity' ever mattered, SESAC is the place. While SESAC is the smallest of the three U.S. performing rights organizations, the company believes its size is its largest advantage. SESAC prides itself in developing individual relationships with both songwriters and publishers..." Nice graphics here, too.

Songwriter Organizations

SGA (Songwriters Guild of America) The biggest and best Songwriter Organization that also boasts a very large membership. SGA also has many workshops and special events but in addition to that - they provide the best publishing contracts in the business and will review contracts for songwriters and help them to negotiate the best deals for their efforts. SGA honors NAS (National Academy of Songwriter/ LASS members. Click here for details.

ASN (American Songwriters Network)- A professional songwriting organization that provides monthly updated music industry leads to its members. Contacts include current listing of producers, A&R Managers, record labels and publishing companies, all looking for specific song/music material.

VOCAL - The Virginia Organization of Composers And Lyricists. A non-profit organization for songwriters. Offers a song contest, newsletter, and many activities for all levels of writers.

ISA (International Songwriters Association) International Songwriters Association (ISA), founded in Ireland in 1967 for professional and non-professional songwriters, today has members in more than fifty countries worldwide. Definitely worth its weight in clicks. GO!

SongsAlive! The Australian equivalent of NAS. Founded by Gilli Moon, a gifted songwriter/performer with a penchant for helping others, this young organization is growing very rapidly. They offer a plethora of live events, workshops, networking opportunities, support, a newsletter and the list goes on. Check out their site to find out more about this exciting organization from the land down under.

Great Songwriter Resources


The Muses Muse - The motherlode of songwriter resources on the web. Jodi Krangle, creator and webstress of the Muse's Muse is not just another songwriter with a homepage. As a matter of fact, she was one of the first to create a web site for songwriters worth bookmarking. Now ranked the number one place to go by those in the know. Make sure to participate in the songwriter chat on Mondays at 9PM Eastern Time. Go Now, believe me later! A recipient of The Li'l Hank Top Resource Award.

Jeff Mallett's Songwriter Page Once you link to this site, just give up on the idea of executing any other plans you made for the day. Jeff's links are so thorough, it's as though I needn't have bothered with the rest of this page. Anything and everything to do with songwriting - Jeff's found it, and made it available to you with a click of the mouse.

Seth Jackson's Songwriting Page

A major function of this site is to provide info about songwriting and the music industry; also - The online home of "Country Notes", a monthly update on NSAI workshops and activities.. Seth is a member of NSAI and a regular contributer of constructive song critiques in the" newsgroup.

  Glades Songwriting Page - Glade pioneered one of the WWWs first websites for songwriters and he put a lot of heart and soul into it. Full of advice, links, songwriting tips and of course Glades famous message board.

Lyrical Line
A relatively newer site by Rob Van Slyke, a guy who's been around. Lyrical Line is a terrific lyricist & songwriter resource - get your songs critiqued by your peers or showcase 'em in the SpotLite. You can also subscribe to "Notes" his Songwriter Discussion List by going to Those of you who had previously subscribed to the SONGTALK may want to sign up now!

MAS: The Musicians Assisitance Site
Vince MasKeeper has undertaken a very ambitious project which includes a massive national database of places to play, eat, lodge, record, press CDs - you name it. Though far from complete, this site promises to be a huge collection of important data for songwriters, musicians, bands and all related to the industry. Like Li'l Hank's Guide, his site also features some excellent articles about various topics pertaining to the music business and more specifically to touring bands and musicians.

Kaleidospace One of the pioneers of on-line resources for underground, unknown and independent artists, musicians, and songwriters. If you have a burning desire to get your music on line- you may want to contact them because they are quite reputable and reasonable. Creators Jeannie Novak And Pete Markiewicz are the authors of the book "Creating Internet Entertainment".
Great place to start if you have a CD you want to sell and promote.

Goodnight Kiss Music
Music publisher and song guru Janet Fisher also has one of the best email newsletters for serious songwriters to subscribe to. I suggest you go to her site and sign up for it right now. Goodnight Kiss Music (BMI) and Scene Stealer Music (ASCAP) are among the few Music Publishing Companies who still Occasionally(that's a capital O)accept material from unknown writers. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of her pitches or seminars, don't miss it.

Singer/Songwriter Directory - Search for links to sites dedicated to singer/songwriters.


Unisong's annual songwriting competition is one of the biggest and the best This is site is well worth the effort it takes to click your mouse, so click,it down and check 'em out. They are supported and sponsored by many worthwhile organizations.

The Songwriting Education Resource
- Pro songwriters Danny Arena and Sara Light could have easily slapped together a little e-commerce site with a few teaser articles in a half-hearted attempt to hawk their songwriting course... But that is not the case and it would behoove you to hang out on this site for a while and go through some of the lessons and read some very insightful articles on the craft of songwriting. Their URL is right on the money. I couldn't help but notice a little plug there from an old friend of mine songwriter/publisher and recording artist Kacey Jones. If Kacey gives 'em the thumbs up, then I would recommend any advice from them very highly.

Songwriters Resource Network A very well rounded and useful site featuring news & information for songwriters, including many current articles on the art of songwriting and the music business. a song contest, song & lyric evaluations from top songwriting consultants, books, tips, information, the Fun Page! where you can test your musical IQ on songs, songwriters and performers! and of course, plenty of other great links. They are also the home of the Great American Song Contest.

Music Universe Whether you are a songwriter, guitar-slinger, keyboard wizard, CD shopper, concert attender,or ya just like to stay plugged into the music scene with the latest music news and reviews, this site has it all, and it's no wonder since they're brought to you by BAM Magazine and The Rocket Magazine. 'Nuff said?

SONGLINK - Launched in September 1993, SONGLINK is now in its seventh year of providing the most up-to-date and accurate "who's looking" information to music publishers and songwriters.

Electric Earl
Electric Earl has one of the most impressive collections of information, trivia, pictures, guides and links to everything to do with Los Angeles including a Web Cam on his home page with a nice view of Hollywood through a live feed. But his archives on the local music scene are outstanding with lots of colorful descriptions and photos by the score. Next best thing to being here.

A terrific search engine with links to all the best stuff in Southern California.

Ducks Deluxe - Though primarily a guitar players site, Dr. Duck still offers a little something for everyone. At first glance you might think it's just another guy trying to sell accessories, but look closer. There are some great forms to download here for working musicians and I haven't seen better prices on guitar strings anywhere.

Dr. Duck's Ax Wax and string lube is legendary stuff, so if you play guitar or even just own one, you might want to find out more about it at this website.

Jim Melko

Although Jim Melko's site is aimed primarily at country writers, this site is useful to anyone interested in furthering their career in songwriting. And Jim's no bumpkin, either (except perhaps at web design, but he IS a Mac guy, so it balances out), He is the Director of Learning Assistance at the University of Dayton (UD) in Ohio and one link you must check out is the On Hold section where you can download hundreds of incredible articles by other songwriters, archived in PDF format. You'll need to download an Adobe Acrobat Reader, but HEY - you should have one anyway as part of your standard web arsenal.

IUMA The Internet Underground Music Archives. Once you link to this site, you may get lost in cyberspace for a few days. I'd make it a bookmark if I were you.

A unique collection of independent artists, banded together to present a united -we-might-get-noticed approach to marketing their solo efforts.

DigiBid - An auction site which specializes in buying and selling music and recording gear. Want to sell your ol' wah-wah peddle or pick up a good used digital recorder? Check out DigiBid.

Songwriting Columns and Advice

Sound Check by Sue Few
This informative and educational newsletter should be required reading for anyone contimplating a career in performing music. Whether you're a solo or wish to start a band, Sue few leads you on a journey that takes you through the entire gamut of the industry. this is a fun, yet no bulls--t newsletter.

Angel City Voice
This is the home of The Angel City Voice, published by Lis Lewis, a prominent vocal coach and voice maintenance guru. Her monthly newsletter contains priceless information, great stories and articles by experts in every field of the music business. Required reading, kids!

Molly's Column Archives Molly is Molly-Ann Leikin, a songwriting consultant with a very impressive list of client successes (not to mention her personal track record). Take advantage of some great advice in her bi-weekly column because she knows what she's talkin' about.


Musician Resources Richard Hefner's instructional website for banjo (bluegrass & clawhammer) and folk guitar. Over 300 pages of tablature, tutorials, and more to make your learning experience an enjoyable one. Most songs taught on the site are also freely available as MP3 files recorded by Richard Hefner. Tablature may be viewed on screen and tablature may be downloaded and viewed, played at any speed, or printed using the excellent tablature program, TablEdit, or the free viewer, TabView. Computer generated midi files are also provided on the site, as well as a link directory to hundreds of acoustic music sites (mostly folk & bluegrass).


Music Lawyers

Joel C. Press, Esq. Here at Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters, he's known as The Lawman. In New York, Joel is an established music attorney and a monthly correspondent for "The Inside Connection", a monthly music magazine based in Long Island, NY. The magazine is free and should be available at local music stores.

Ruben Salazar An award-winning web site from a music lawyer that contains several helpful legal articles on the music business, a free weekly music law newsletter, a useful music links page, on-line advice, and tons of FREE tips and info for musicians at all stages in their development.

Songwriter Pages

Shelley Jacobsen - A Canadian Singer Songwriter with a pretty nice website and a recently released a CD. We met in the Songwriter Chat at the Muse's Muse. After all the nice things she wrote in our guest book, we simply had to add a link to her site here!

Dave Kennedy's Songwriting and Recording Web Page
Yet another great site loaded with information, links and stuff beneficial to serious writers. Dave has a slew of sound files so you can hear his music There is an excellent message board on his site and a unique feature called "The Publisher Test". Try it.

Connie Kis Andersen - Founder of Kismana Music in Australia supports songwriters and independent artists.

Trade Magazines


Hits (Email address)

Radio and Records

Music Connection

Hollywood Reporter

Demos and Recording Studios A full service demo studio that assists songwriters in getting their work professionally produced in a fashion that showcases their talent as well as the song itself. Even if you can barely sing or play, they will take your roughest copy and send it back to you sounding beautiful. There are Real Audio samples on the site featuring before and after demos. Prices range from $125 to $275 per song (a little extra for background vocals).

The Demo Doctor is Andy Cahan, formerly a producer with Rhino Records and currently the keyboardist for The Turtles. Every songwriter needs a great demo and you need not look any further for all your recording needs. A little pricey, but well worth the money, Andy can also help with producing a full blown CD recording project.

CD Mastering

Alone Soul Studios Unvelievably low prices for CD mastering and duplication. They charge a fraction of what the competion does and provide a lot more service. Check out Alone Soul if you are considering putting out a CD anytime soon.

Newsgroups The best usenet newsgroup on the internet.


The Entertainment Contractor If you're planning a CD release party in Los Angeles or vicinity, have EC Parties help plan the event. You can also call them if you're a having a roast, a banquet, your wedding, your kid's bar mitzah, a snow party or any reason to throw a bash you can think of. Tell 'em Hal sent you.

Wayne Yentis Gallery This is not a music site. It's just there for the fun of it, because my friend Wayne has such a twisted sense of humor, I thought some of you might enjoy his artwork.

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