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Java Coffee and Books, Mission Grove Plaza, located at the intersection of Allesandro and Trautwein Boulevards, Riverside, California.
This is from an email from Rolla Queen:

Just wanted to update the status of songwriting on the fringes of the Inland Empire. The Inland Empire Songwriters Association has sort of morphed into the Southern California Songwriters Association.

The showcase at Java Books is defunct as a regular and reliable venue. FYI, there has also been no showcase for songwriters at Back to the Grind for a long time now. Don't want people driving out to the hinterlands for no reason. Instead go to the web page of the Southern California Songwriters association at This site has all the info on their meetings and showcase schedule.

Kulak's Woodshed, 5230-1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91607 (818)-766-9913

Owner Paul Kulak is one of the most sincere venue owners in this shark infested city. Basically, he owns a store, but only needs the back of the store to run his biz of renting equipment to the studios. Since he always wanted to be a part of the music scene and dedicate himself to his fellow performers, he turned the front of the store into one of the coziest hangs around. Very reminiscent of a little spot in Greenwich Village or San Fransisco in the 60's.

Kulak's has state of the art video and audio recording equipment with which he will tape your performance and a couple of nice monitors for viewing. All performances are cybercast on the web. This is great if you're visiting from oput of town and wnat your friend's back home to be able to attend your gig and even email you a "hello" while you're still on stage. For more info, check out the Kulak's Woodshed website.

LA Hard Rock Cafe! 8600 Beverly Dr., in the Beverly Center.
The Hard Rock has a great stage and a kickin' PA, lights, great food and
a full bar!
So pack up you songs and come on over to the Hard Rock every Tuesday Night starting OCt. 1st 2002.
Sign up is at 7:30pm (come early, it fills up fast!) Show starts at 8:30pm
Big Dave Little will be hosting and he will have special guests come up and sing their hits.


Lulu's Beehive, 13203 Ventura Boulevard (between Coldwater and Fulton) Studio City - Phone (818) 986-2233
In the few years since Lulu took over this location which used to be Emerson's, she has attracted a lot of loyal customers; many who followed her all the way from her old location miles away.

She is very supportive of the arts and she features an eclectic mix of folk, jazz, poetry, funk, rock, comedy, discussions and one of the homier spots we've been in.

McCabes Guitar Shop

Posted on the McCabes Website:

OPEN MIC UPDATE: McCabe's Open Mic Night* will be
taking an extended hiatus. Right now, it looks like it'll be back
in 2006, but don't hold them to it.

As an acoustic venue, McCabes is still one of the best venues in the world. Check out their website for concert info
Hours of Business:
     Monday to Thursday 10 AM-10 PM
     Friday and Saturday 10 AM-6 PM
     And we're open Sunday 1 PM-5 PM
     (310) 828-4497
     (310) 453-4962

Largo - 432 N. Fairfax Avenue, West Hollywood (323) 876-6612

More upscale than most - this is a long standing venue that hosts some of the finest songwriters / performers around. Except Monday - which is comedy night.

Priscilla's Gourmet Coffee,4150 Riverside Drive., Burbank. (818) 843-5707
Priscilla's is a great spot for all sorts of musical fare. I remember walking in there less than a year ago and thinking, "This is where I would like to see a good music scene develop" ...and that's exactly what's happened here. There is a week long roster of acoustic and electric rock, pop, folk and jazz including birthday tribute nights to artists such as Bob Dylan, Ray Davies,Paul McCartney - and an Acoustic Songwriter Spotlight produced by Superfun! Production. For info and booking, call George at (818) 843-5707 ext. 5.

Rainbow Bar and Grill on Sunset - Upstairs

Rainbow has a GREATopen mic on Mondays. Sharon Groom, an original songwriter/performer, runs it. She recently posted this message in the Schmoozatorium:

"Hi Everyone,
My name is Sharon Groom and I run the open mic at the Rainbow Bar and Grill every Monday Night! Sign-up starts at 8pm, the show starts at 8:30pm. Cover is $2 and parking is $3 if you park in the lot.
Craig Spivek is our house percussionist and sound man. We have a pretty even number of musicians and comics that come down. We have a different MC every week that I choose from my pool of comics.

Amy the bartender is very nice. She makes the best chocolate martinis.
We book shows from the Rainbow Open Mic, so if you are looking for a gig...come on down! (

The Rainbow is very well known for it's music industry clients...every once in a while someone in a suit pops up and checks things out!

A couple of Sundays ago, I was running a showcase down at the Rainbow and Ozzy was never know who you are going to run in to!

Please check out my site,, to see upcoming showcases at the Rainbow that I am personally booking and also check out the Open Mic page.

Also for more information about Giangreco Presents and playing shows in the Los Angeles area, please check out
Hope to see you all at the Open Mic!!!

Sharon Groom
Sign up starts at 7p.$2 cover. $3 parking at the restaurant. The Rainbow has fabulous chicken soup, by the way..."

The Rainbow, for those new to the area, is right next door to the equally famous Roxy at the west end of the Sunset Strip. I have heard that this open mic gets packed, so get there early. You might even find a parking place on the street if you're early enough or just plain lucky - Hey, you know how I feel about valets... HC

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Riverbottom, 4201 W. Olive Avenue, Burbank. (818) 846-2342
Gina B's Club21 The Open Mic is down while they figure out what's going on since new owners have just taken over. We'll let you know!

REMO Recreational Music Center in North Hollywood (818) 982-0461
7308 Coldwater Canyon Ave., North Hollywood CA 91605

No Kidding! REMO -the company that makes drum heads and all that cool percussion stuff... congas, bongos, djembes, tamborines, etc... hosts these incredible open mic nights as well as drum circles, druming and percussion lessons. I just discovered this place. They've been doing it for a few years now. The Friday open mic is new. One of North Hollywoods secret gems. Very fun and educational, too.

Fridays, 7:30pm to 10pm Bring your music, poetry, drums, art or just come and hang out. Drum set, piano and PA available. $3.00 cover/All ages Coffee & tea served .

Rusty's Surf Ranch, Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica (310) 393-7437
Rusty's is one of the best spots for music in the warmer months, but during the winter, that pier is like the "Big Chill". Nevertheless, it continues to provide a haven for some of the finest in musical entertainment; acoustic, electric, ethnic and eclectic - all year long on any given night.

Sacred Grounds, 399 W. 6th Street, San Pedro (310) 514-0800

Every Wednesday. Call as early you can for signup time. I haven't been down to San Pedro lately, but Sacred Grounds has a pretty good reputation among the live performers I know. We give it the green light.

(Sunset Junction, 4019 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, (323) 661-7771
This is proof that people on the net really do care. Thanks go to someone who prefers to remain unknown. Here's what he had to say about this new venue:
It's a smallish venue but when I went there last night it was full to the point of spilling out into the street. The audience is *very* attentive and supportive. Don't know how many A&R folks are there (?). Has a small P.A. A real beatnik place, Daddy-o. Corduroy pants, striped shirts, tatoos and chin spinach are definitely the uniform of the day... and that's just the women! But seriously, I see it as a very viable open-mic option worth checking out. Sign-up 7:45 every Wednesday Show at 8. Hosted by "Pammy Sue."

Universal Bar & Grill, 4093 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA (across from Universal Studios (818) 766-2114

Open Mic has been postponed here until further notice.
From Anthony Schubert - care of our Schmoozatorium comes this update:
The contact for booking at Universal Bar and Grill is no longer Eva. Vince is now in charge and his contact number is 818-501-4989.

(Thanks Anthony)

Un-Urban Coffee House, 3301 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica
Definitely un-something. I know! - Unpretentious. The phrase "freaky" also comes to mind at this place. Hey, I was a freak myself in the early '70s. so you know I mean that as a compliment. The room is very large, very cozy, the atmosphere extremely hospitable and there's even an upright piano for you ivory ticklers out there.

In the words of Gary L Marshall ( :
The place is Unurban Cafe at the corner of Urban and Pico in Santa Monica. Just a block west of the Alligator Lounge and a couple of blocks east of McCabe's guitar shop. The host is Patrick, a poet. The open mike is for poets and musicians, no comedy. It's mostly singer songwriters. They have open mike for comics on another night. You put your name in a hat and the order of performance is random. There is no cover, but as Patrick always says, there's not a man, woman, or child alive that doesn't enjoy a refreshing beverage now and again (I think he stole it from Letterman). Performers get 10 minutes or two songs, and covers are not allowed. You can submit tapes if you want to appear on a showcase another night, not sure when. The sound engineer will record your performance for a nominal fee ( a couple of bucks). If you don't have your own tape you can purchase one from him for a couple of bucks. It's a small room, friendly and cozy. There's a parking lot behind the building.

If I were a film maker and had to shoot a scene in a coffee house, this is one locale I'd consider. For one thing, most other coffee joints don't have the room to set up a hand held palm recorder. This place is roomy. Sign up Fridays at 7:30pm

Vermont (in the lounge) 1714 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles,( just North of Hollywood Blvd.) 323-661-6163

What: Les Michaels Open Mic Mondays @ Vermont
Place: Vermont (in the lounge) 1714 N. Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA. just North of Hollywood Blvd.
Day: Mondays
Time: sign up starts at 8:30 pm - show at 9 pm (be early, this is a very popular open mic attracting only the very best in cabaret, pop, jazz, standard & musical theater talent.
Award-winning musical director, Ron Snyder is provided for your accompniment so bring your sheet music. There is a $5 cover charge and a one drink minimum. The food is exceptional and is available in the lounge or make a reservation for the dining room at 323-661-6163.
This open mic is well known in the industry and many big names including booking agents & casting directors scout our singers and some have received many gigs as a result. This is not a jam session for musicians but we do get a number of song writers and composers who come to try out their material and are always welcome.
You can also call Les' hotline at 213-688-7222 for more information.

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