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Li'l Hank Top Resource Award

If you see this handsome and very hard-to-earn award on a web site - it means that the person who created a particular site or web page has gone to great lengths to contribute something of value to the songwriting community. In some cases, it applies to the entire site, in others, it refers to one aspect of the the site.

All recipients will be listed on this page with a brief explanation why Li'l Hank felt it necessary to bestow an award. All those that have been notified that they have received this award will be directed to this page to collect it. Do not copy this to your site unless you have been given permission to do so by email.

If there is ever a question as to who has been granted such an emblem, just check the list here. If a website bearing the emblem is not listed here - then it was never bestowed and you can draw your own conclusions about them. Please notify Li'l Hank if the award appears on a site not listed on this page.

If you feel your site merits the Li'l Hank Top Resource Award - send an email with your URL to Li'l Hank and we'll check it out and get back to you if you got one coming.

Current Recipients:

Independent Songwriters Web-Magazine
Jan Best has created a site with a lot of the same features as Li'l Hank's Guide laid out in magazine format. In addition, there are CD reviews and other great features and articles all for the further advancement of independent songwriters.

Electric L.A.
Electric Earl has created one of the finest resources for Los Angeles on the Web, not only as a music site but as a well rounded and well maintained travelogue for all of Los Angeles. He should get a Key to the City.

The Muses Muse
The new, improved and completely revamped Muse's Muse is by far one of the most exceptional websites devoted to songriters on the web. One of the few beside's Li'l Hank's Guide and a handful of others that offers such a vast variety of rich information for free. Jodi Krangle, the founder and maintainer of the Muse's Muse is a source of pride to Toronto, Canada and to songwriters world wide.

The result of Jeannie Novak's vision with the help of Pete Markiewisz' programming wizardry, that the internet could one day even the playing field between indepentent artists and the major labels is now a reality and most deserving of this award as well as all the other acclolades they have recently recieved from the media.

Andy Cahan's Bio
The "most famous musician you've never heard" of sheds some light on the life of legendary songwriter Harry Nilsson among others he has worked with. Andy's depiction of life while working with Nillson on his demos during his year is very touching, very poignant and eye opening.

Li'l Hank's Guide For Songwriters
Yeah, that's right. I gave myself an award. Who else besides me knows how much I deserve it! Hey, it's a lotta work!